There Is Time for You to Pursue Your Dreams and Goals!

There Is Time for You to Pursue Your Dreams and Goals!
By Lori D Battle

Getting from watching the dream to living it.

Do you often see a wonderful idea or product and think “I had a similar idea or I can make that exact thing but even better?” So, instead of taking action and putting things into motion you retreat to your safe zone that tells you “it’s probably too late for me to start working on that dream.” Or better yet, do you hear a voice telling you that “there’s probably too much competition doing the same thing and my idea probably won’t take off anyway.” All these voices in your head discouraging you and holding you hostage from your dreams. You ask yourself “why is it that you just can’t shake the idleness and get busy making it happen?”

It’s definitely a choice and nothing will happen unless you first decide to make a move! Like choosing which outfit you’ll wear every morning before you head off to work or choosing which meal you want to eat off of the menu at your favorite restaurant. Choosing is so much more complicated than we want to admit. We want to presume it’s just a decision, and we like to feel like we’re pro’s at deciding this and deciding that. But, the truth is we sometimes fear what our choices might bring us. Fearing what seems as a simple black & white choice might bring some of us anxious feelings or even knots in our stomach.

So, how do you break this anxiety and undo this fear and get to where you want to? First, you really do have to be ready. What good is it to want something really bad and not be fully prepared for it when it does come? This is where the real work comes in, getting ready. Yes, getting ready for that thing, that idea, that venture that you really want. Just like an athlete that has dreamt of running in the Olympics her entire life. Does she just show up at the 2012 Olympics and tell the Olympics Committee that I want to run in this years Olympic because I’ve always dreamt of running in the relays since I was a young girl and all I can see is myself running through that ribbon at the finish line and being handed that gold medal. Pretty bizarre right? Great intentions, awesome courage, but not really a good idea.

So why do so many people with great talents, great ideas, and brilliant skills who truly know they have something special to offer to the world not prepare for the things they really desire to obtain? There’s no way around it folks-you gotta start preparing, so why not start today!

Let’s say you have a dream of opening up a southern bakery, you’ve wanted this for a long time and you can even see yourself behind the counter serving up delicious sweet potato pie and a cup of hot coffee. You can even picture the customers as they walk into your establishment inhaling in the smell of freshly cooked pastries and hurrying to the counter to place an order. It’s a beautiful thing to dream, but it’s more rewarding to execute. How about doing something in the meantime to help manifest your dream of owning your own business. Begin right where you’re at. If you’re that baker, then start baking right out of your own kitchen as If you were baking in your 2,000 square foot business space. Anything you can imagine, can be done.

Next, what about all of this fear you’re experiencing? Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of fear. Fear is the largest killer of dreams. You probably already know that, but are too fearful to admit it. Close your eyes and imagine all the things you would have, could have accomplished If you had not let fear get in your way. Would you have already gone back to school? Finished working on a business proposal? How about ask your boss for a raise?

We would like to always blame fear as the culprit, the bad guy, the enemy. But, sometimes it’s just simply us that gets in our own way. Fear is treatable, but are you? You have to be willing to move beyond your past perception of fear and the perceived power it has over you. You cannot negotiate with fear; you have to make a firm decision to rescind it. After you do, then get ready to accept that you are now giving yourself permission to face any and all challenges that come your way without feeling that you’re not heading in the right direction!

If you want it bad enough, then you can get it! Remember, there is plenty of room and still enough time for you to pursue your dreams. So, keep planning, stay ready, and kill the fear before it kills your dreams.

Coaching Designed by Lori

Wouldn’t it be nice If we could just throw the ball back when life throws us a curve ball? That’s what makes life so interesting is that no matter how many curve balls are thrown at us, we have a choice to get back into the game and play. Some find it simple to get back in, while others find it tougher and sometimes opt to play it safe and wait till the game is over(not a good move). The fear of losing frightens many to the core and paralyzes them from executing any action towards reaching their dreams and goals.

Ask yourself, who’s taking score of the number of bumps you hit? If you have a list, then that’s a problem. You don’t get a score at the end of life that tallies up your final score – so, stop counting and start living.

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