Don’t Let the Clock Stop Before You’re Done!

The Bournville Carillon - clock - Capre Diem

As I was having my cappuccino this morning the expression ‘Carpe Diem’ (Seize the Day) came to mind. The first time I came across this expression was at a particularly sad time for many people where I live. It was a few years ago, there was an earthquake which unfortunately took the lives of 28 people almost all children. There was a clock tower in the village where the tragedy happened. The clock had stopped at the exact time of the earthquake, at the bottom of the tower was a flower shop, the sign above the flower shop read ‘Carpe Diem.’

It seemed a rather solemn reminder of how suddenly life can change, how each moment is important because life on earth can end in the blink of an eye. We don’t often think about this but live as if we’ll live forever and have all the time in the world to fulfil our dreams. We do in fact have all the time in the world in a certain sense. I personally believe in reincarnation, my spiritual experiences have led me to the concept that we come back. So if we don’t get it right we can return and have another go, but there is a catch. We will not be the same person as we are now, our whole life experience and circumstances will be different.

This is why it is important to give it our best shot in the here and now, to be true to ourselves. It may be more difficult to truly live, it requires more energy and at times a little risk. Risk does not necessarily mean financial risk, but also the risk of standing out, of being criticised and even being laughed at. Truly living requires us to be us, intead of living behind a mask. Most of the time we are pleasantly surprised at the ease of which change happens once we are focused on who we are. Those things which we were nervous about just didn’t happen. It is also true that once we reach that place of truly being who we are we just aren’t concerned about what people may think anymore.

Enjoying life, enjoying what we do is a sign that we are truly living, by ‘enjoying’ I don’t mean a fleeting sense of enjoyment that disappears as quickly as it came. By ‘enjoying’ I mean a consistent feeling of joy in all we do. This is not always an easy place to reach with life being life and the difficulties and problems many of us have to face.

We can start to take small steps towards ‘living’ by doing something that uplifts us every day. Step back a minute out of your life and think about what uplifts you. It could be reading a book, writing a poem, going out for a coffee, a walk, a session at the gym or a swim. Take the time during your day to feel good.

Life is not too short, we are Life and we live in Eternity but our individual physical lives have a certain duration, our physical bodies, at the present time, don’t do Eternity. Honour who you are, take the time to be who you are now before this particular physical clock stops….. Carpe Diem.


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