Follow Your Passion – Keeping Up the Momentum

At the beginning when we start a new project, when we bring something new into being, we are full of energy and enthusiasm, we look forward so much to the time during the day when we’ll be working on our project. We may sometimes even skip meals because we are so focused. Nothing can stop us, we have momentum, we have force of movement.

However when we get a little way down the road we may start to lose the momentum, things happen which seem more important, maybe things haven’t gone quite the way we expected, criticism from external sources may have even kicked in by now and so self-doubt raises its ugly head. There are many things that can knock us off our path.

Success for most of us doesn’t happen overnight and there is a reason for this. Realising our dreams is a process because as we work on our passion we are slowly changing our mindset. We are changing our programming and taking control of our lives. Changing the way we think about ourselves isn’t easy after years of looking at ourselves and the world in a particular way.

The problem is that we may reach a certain point and not see any progress. We want evidence, it is human nature to want proof. If the progress isn’t evident then the doubts may start to creep in.

So a great way to keep the momentum going is to monitor your activities and check how many people are visiting your site. You’ll see that if you are posting regularly, publishing your posts on your social media sites, then your numbers go up. Remember statistics are not just numbers they are people who come by to see what’s going on, to read your blog post, watch your video or listen to your audio. People who think your work is worth their time. There is nothing more valuable (in my opinion) than the time someone spends in our company. Our time on the earth is limited so if someone spends even a few minutes on our site we should be honoured. Knowing this helps keep the momentum going. Each person that visits your site is important and makes what you do worthwhile.

The thing is we never know the true reach of what we write or say, just helping one person makes it all worthwhile in the big scheme of things. Blogs have their own statistics system or you can add google analytics, facebook provides your page with stats, the ‘insights’ in the admin dashboard. Bear in mind that even if you just help one person you have made a difference.

Building your mountain will take time and effort, keeping the momentum going is important and seeing your reach increase across the world is a real momentum booster.

Your audience is out there waiting to hear from you, be creative, be wonderful and be inspired.

Thanks for reading and thank you for your time.

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