Meet Ali

A Short Biography

My name is Alison Wylie, my friends call me Ali. I live in a small town in Italy with my Italian husband, 2 teenage children and Lucy the family dog.

Born and brought up in a quiet village in Hertfordshire, I graduated from a south coast college with a Management Degree. After a postgraduate course in the north of England I found employment in Leisure Management. Good job, good money, suit and briefcase it seemed that my life was mapped out……. and that was the problem.

One day in the bank, the clerk started to give me advice about getting a mortgage and the possibility of paying it off in 40 years. The alarm bells started to ring! The clerk had just written of 40 years of my life in a few sentences. ‘Time for a cappuccino and a think’ I thought to myself.

This was an important moment, one of those moments where I had to choose……. the 40 years or the unknown. I chose the unknown, dumped the suit and the briefcase and cycled off into the sunset.

Fnding your path in life is not always easy and sometimes you have to experience what you don’t want in order to discover what you do. After some time discovering, I uncovered a dormant skill… teaching, and after an intensive course in teaching English, I set off into the unknown on a path of discovery.

After few years of country hopping I began teaching in Italy, where the rucksack finally got put away. And here we are….a new language, a husband, 2 kids and a dog later I have once more woken up a dormant skill to add to the teaching, that skill is creating successful podcasts.

 One of my Passions is Creating Podcasts

The desire to create podcasts came from my passion to get my message out to the world, to make my voice heard regarding my experiences in the beyond, in the astral planes. To share with the world some of the wisdom I have gained and continue to gain, from the spiritual world.

We all carry within us our own message to the world, unique to who we are that can benefit and uplift other people.

I have gone from strength to strength with my own podcasts and in helping others with theirs. My intuitive approach keeps my own podcast high in the rankings and keeps my clients happy as they also see their shows climbing the podcast charts.

Getting a podcast up on iTunes within a week may be a daunting challenge for many but not for me, confident in the knowledge that my system works.

Click Here to check out my Podcast Media Kit and to find out more about my passion


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