Podcast Your Passion

Encoding the MP3 after the Memorial Day podcast

Is there a better way to get your passion out to the world than a podcast? You can really get your words rolling across the globe, it’s really incredible when you check out the statistics and you see people are listening to you from the other side of the world.
Podcasting is such fun and not at all difficult, there is a learning curve but it really doesn’t require great technical skills.
Have a look at these two articles I’ve written, to explain it all in a little more detail.

How to Podcast by Podcast Ali
A podcast is an audio that people can listen to on internet, it can be live or recorded. If it is live it could also be described as an online radio show. Yo…

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Podcast Content – the Secrets of Successful Podcasting
So now you have all your podcast equipment ready and raring to go. You sit in front of your microphone and wait for the words to miraculously spring from you…